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Leslie Hurd, an Angel for Animals

We’ve known Leslie Hurd for a long time. She’s been a full-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard for years, and being an island-based business, you tend to get to know the locals, especially the ones who love dogs as much as we do! Over the years, our paths have crossed in various capacities: our home office has fostered some of her rescues, we’ve had officemates adopt pups she has rescued, our island-based General Stores have partnered with her organization, Angel’s Helping Animals Worldwide, for our Doggie Adoption Days and currently, her organization is the benefactor of our Round Up program.  While we may be familiar with who she is and her life’s mission, we want to share her amazing tale with all our Black Dog friends.

Leslie's storied career as a real-life doggie hero began decades ago, when she rescued a dog (and cat) while living in her tiny dorm room on Boston University’s campus. It was then that she realized her passion was rescuing animals. She has never looked back.

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Her history of helping animals is infinite – she has rescued puppies and their mamas from puppy mills, saved dogs from kill shelters down south, met planeloads of strays on runways in South Carolina, transported animals from faraway states to Massachusetts, bunking in hotels with 20 plus dogs along the way. She coordinated numerous rescue missions from the Virgin Islands, transporting planeloads of dogs to the mainland. Between Hurricanes Maria and Irma, she rescued over 1000 dogs from Texas to the Florida Panhandle – with the help of Kenny Chesney. The stories are endless.  

Over the years, she has assembled a mighty team who have helped to further her cause: There is Dr. Cheryl, a retired veterinarian, who helps care for the animals once they are rescued, Lynn, a passionate animal lover who has accompanied Leslie on many of her missions, and Caroline, a Vineyard local who has fostered many of these rescues until they are adopted. With their help, Leslie is building a new facility to house and care for rescue animals until they are adopted. This new compound will sit on a half-acre of land in Cape Cod. Once built it will include a barn, a quarantine building, and living quarters for full-time help. After all, Leslie won’t quit until every animal is rescued.  

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About Angels Helping Animals

Leslie’s charity, Angels Helping Animals Worldwide, is a 501(c) organization that relies 100% on donations and grants. Founded in 2014 by Leslie and a few dedicated volunteers, their mission is to transport rescues from areas where there is an overabundance of stray, homeless, and endangered animals to areas where there is a shortage of adoptable pets and to facilitate the adoption process. Through educating and increasing awareness, Angels Helping Animals Worldwide strives to build communities where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness. To learn more about Angels Helping Animals Worldwide, and how you can help, visit

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