Ryan Runs Boston


To My Fellow Dog Enthusiasts,

My name is Ryan but most of my friends call me Lanno. I currently reside in Sandwich, MA and it was the sport of hockey that first connected me to The Black Dog as well as my friend Corey. When I think about The Black Dog as a brand I think of KINDNESS (it’s a dog thing), QUALITY (sweatshirts that last for life) and a New England style LOYALTY of people helping people. The first company to make a corporate donation to Corey’s foundation, they did so without hesitation and even offered up their social media services. So, if you’re still reading this, thank you.

Corey C. Griffin (aka Griff) was a funny, kind, and philanthropic role model despite being four years my junior. After a tragic accident took his life in August 2014, mine was forever changed. I was grateful for each day in a way that I had never been before. If it could happen to a person like Corey it could happen to anyone. Now, seven years later The Corey C. Griffin Foundation and Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) are partnering on a joint venture to build the Corey Griffin House which will provide housing for families of patients undergoing long-term treatment.

As much as training for The Boston Marathon has hurt my body and raising funds has weighed on my mind (I’m still not truly comfortable asking people for $) it brings a smile to my face to know even the smallest donations go to this and the multitude of programs under the CCG Foundation umbrella I would put my life behind, from pediatric concussion research at BCH to The Ron Burton Training Village to the aforementioned CCG House.

If you’re feeling philanthropic, the direct donation link is: https://www.givengain.com/ap/ryan-lannon-raising-funds-for-corey-c-griffin-foundation/ as well as my Instagram page @ryanrunsboston More information about the Corey C. Griffin Foundation is available on their website: https://www.coreycgriffinfoundation.org/